No Sleep Days

No Sleep Days is a title sequence to a fictional movie, where the main character is struggling to fall asleep. He is suffering from Somniphobia, a fear of falling asleep. He is very oblivious towards everything that is happening to him. He is a self-diagnosed psychopath, who believes he is going to die soon from sleep deprivation. He is afraid to fall asleep for two reasons: when he is falling asleep he cannot control his mind to get rid of the dark thoughts that fill it. Second, because of the upcoming nuclear war, he is afraid that by sleeping he is going to lose time of his life.

Title sequence is meant to transform the viewer into the mind of a person who has not been sleeping for a while.

Genre: dark comedy/drama

I built a “room” out of all the different scenes in the title sequence for the camera to pan over them, because the main character’s environment is his dark room, where he spends sleepless nights.


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